Raleigh Wide Open

We went downtown to have dinner at Gravy and happened upon the final hours of this year’s Raleigh Wide Open celebration. What a fun night!! We had drinks at the bar while waiting for our table. Downtown was hopping with the festivities. I’m usually a beer drinker, but wanted a fun drink. The bartender invited me to pick a color, and my only requirement was no gin. Ugh, gin. I chose yellow. He tilted his head back in thought, and said, “I know.” And he did. It was exactly what I was wanting. He made me a key lime pie martini with vanilla vodka and pineapple juice and edged the glass with red sugar. No half and half though, and it was nice and light. I’m not sure if it was lime juice or a lime liqueur, I forgot to ask. Pinot grigio with a pork cannoloni. Then a lovely flourless chocolate cake. What a nice dinner down in their wine cellar.

Then we walked out onto Fayetteville Street to enjoy the live music. Most of the vendors had closed up but there were still plenty of folks relaxing the evening away. I picked up a hula hoop for a friend to give to her daughter from Santa. Handwrapped hoops from Hoops in Motion. Lois was there explaining how she makes the hoops from PVC pipe and then wraps each one. Her blog is dedicated to the art of hula. =O)

It’s such fun to see Raleigh growing in so many ways.

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