My cutie pie, smartie pants nephew Thad and his longtime friend Joey were here for a blow-thru visit this week on their way back to WV from the coast. They had been visiting some of Joey’s family there. Joey is in the air force. Golly, they’ve been friends since…maybe all the way thru grade school. Wow.

Thad got to show Joey some of his favorites from when he briefly lived here in Raleigh, before being swept off to a really good job in our hometown. Mellow Mushroom of course for the great pizza AND the view. (Thad didn’t get her name…) Then they ate again at Sushi Blues, did some Glenwood South, and ended up at the Blue Martini. That area of downtown is a slam dunk for fun any night of the week. The above photo was taken at Whole Foods on Wade Avenue for the heading-out-town lunch. Whole Foods is favorite for all of my family when they visit. It still holds so much of the Wellspring charm.

I sure miss Thad, but his visits are always a treat!!

P. S. I think the mayo is spoiled. =O)


Kate turned 17 yesterday, and since I’ve known her, we’ve sort of had a sushi tradition celebrating the occasion. Jay, me, Kate, and her chic friend Charlie have enjoyed sushi together at probably half a dozen sushi bars all told. (Sometimes, we’ve cheated and gone when it wasn’t Kate’s birthday.)

This is Miss Kate and her Dad Jay at Sushi Thai in Cary. Oh, the Dragon Roll. Several helpings of that one, please. And Charlie, that girl fell in love on the spot with their edamame. “Best she’s ever had,” she insisted. Several helpings of that too, please.

It’s gracious of Kate to let me join her birthday celebration, and I’m honored each time she shares it with me. =o)

Cooking with friends

What fun! Last weekend, I went with my friends Nina and Wendy to The Little Herb Garden in Raleigh. It’s actually closer to Garner, but the address is Raleigh. We took a wonderful cooking class with local caterer Pamela Clark who runs The Thyme Savor. My favorite was the starter dish — Mojito Fruit…blueberries, honeydew melon, lime zest and juice, basil leaves, and of course sugar. Make a simple syrup with all but the fruit, mix with the fruit and then chill. Serve with cubed poundcake, add some fresh cream. Yum.

And the garden was wonderful. Owner Lisa Treadway and her herb garden, which seems more like a herb farm, are likely going to be featured in Better Homes & Garden issue next Spring! Her garden is divided into themes — medicinal garden, kitchen garden, and such. She is using wonderfully creative art to enhance the theme of each. If you peak at the photos, check out the kitchen garden…you’ll know which one it is. The “flower bed” was fun, too. Lisa features fresh herbs and plants, as well as dried herbs and spices, workshops (like the cooking class), luncheons and teas.


I was just witness to a really moving moment — the Officer Down Memorial Ride 2008. I was at the Highway 70/401 and Tryon Road intersection. The light was just about to give me the green arrow to turn right. Suddenly, but with much grace, six or eight Wake County deputies on motorcyles rolled into the intersection. Each one circled in front of a line of traffic and then pulled into position. After clearing all the traffic coming up the other side of Tryon, in rolled hundreds and hundreds of bikers.

When the officers literally rolled into the intersection, that alone was enough to stop your breath for just a second. Then off in the distance the bikes were visible. As the gentle roar of their engines approached, it was obvious just how many riders there were. It was so fantastic that other riders in the stopped traffic even stood up off their bikes to catch a glimpse. About made me cry.

While I’m talking tears, I attended the first wedding of any of my friend’s CHILDREN. How’s that for good golly, Old Molly. It was a beautiful outside ceremony with a wonderful Methodist minister. In his reading of 1 Corinthians 13, I realize I like the part just before the usual words most use. “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.”

The ceremony and reception took place at The Hudson Manor in Louisburg, which was just beautiful. It was wonderful to see all of Bertha’s family, her sisters and brother, her children and grandchildren, all dancing and laughing. I was so happy for her.

Lindsay and Tommy