Sitting on my screened porch with my dogs and cats. Just got back from a short walk at Lake Benson. A nice little park, and a wonderful asset for the Town of Garner to have. The honeysuckle is out…that wonderful scent. I grew up across the street from a bank of honeysuckle. We looked forward to suckling the tastes every Spring.

Jay and I went to see the movie Iron Man last night. Great movie…great movie for Robert Downing to be in. He was superb. He actually lives a comic book kind of life…comfortable examining the depths of our dark sides with the lightness of fantasy. Comic books are about rising above ourselves, or outside of ourselves, even outside reality. I’ll give those who haven’t seen it the mandate to stay for all the credits. There is a tiny treat at the end.

Before the movie, we went to Fins Restaurant in downtown Raleigh. Loved my first pomegranate martini! Delight in a glass. The design and decor of the facility is top shelf. I didn’t ask, but I believe there were signature Thomas Sayer lights hanging from the ceiling. It’s such time that the Triangle, that Raleigh, is ushering in the feel of being in a city.

Speaking of, Garner now has three coffee shops. THREE. And truly, there are all great places. My long favorite has been Bushiban. My new favorite is Swift Creek Coffee, it’s within walking distance…big yeah!! And I also really am glad to have Aversboro Coffee…albeit a slightly longer walk. Hear our pleas town aldermen…bookstore….bookstore.

And ahhhh…one of the best things about Raleigh is Umstead State Park. Jules and Luna and I went yesterday for a lovely morning hike. For sixteen years, I’ve found such pleasure and anticipation driving down the slightly winding entrance off of Highway 70. I remember my first hike there was with my dog Reason, when she was still such a puppy that she had to finish the trail been carried. She and I walked that same trail many, many times. She hiked off leash and knew to keep me within eye sight. The only time she left the trail was to jump logs and to roll in the really good smelly stuff that can only be found in the woods. We shared such joy strolling along among the gentle bustle of those trees. Those are the moments where I can feel Reason still with me. When I close my eyes and feel the soft breeze, the tweets, and the chirps, and leaves rustling, and the musty notes of the leaves writing the future. She taught me to savor our moments….to see each one with not only eager eyes, but with a grateful soul.