I enjoyed another wonderful day with my friend Pat. She and I went to her friend and colleague’s open garden weekend. Pat is a violinist with the North Carolina Symphony, and her friend Deborah is the orchestra librarian. As I understand, Deborah has an annual open garden where friends come visit her garden and share plants. Today was my first time attending. She has a lovely backyard garden that is a dedicated work-in-progress. We celebrated the most recent addition — the launching of her deck — by enjoying a bottle of champaign. From her deck, Deborah can sit and enjoy the fruits of her labor. And that is literally true for Deborah. She has an espalier of apple trees, one of which she called a “Chimney” apple tree. As I recall her explaining, it was named such by the man who found it growing out of an old chimney. They have the only two examples of the tree in their gardens. I took a few photos of my favorite finds in her garden.

For lunch, Pat and I went to South at North Hills. It’s one of the four wonderful restaurants owned by Urban Food Group. I found a wonderful Hildago-like enamel ring at Charlotte’s, and Pat found some fun pajama bottoms at REI.

Then I napped on my deck in my new lounge chair. Sleeping outside is simply spectacular.

Oh, golly, I almost forgot. Last night Jay and I went to see the new Indiana Jones. He found it boring, noticing lots of mistakes, most especially for a work by Lucas and Spielberg. If you haven’t seen it yet, notice the mustard and ketchup bottles when Mutt is telling Indie about his mom and Ox being kidnapped. They get knocked over, in the very next scene are upright, only to be seen turned over and then set back up straight in that very next scene. For a movie about a 60-something Indiana Jones, I liked it fine enough. I am pleased to see Marion’s character return.

Yesterday, we also visited 9th Street in Durham, with lunch at George’s Garage. Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill each have their own distinct essences. It’s fun to play in the neighbor’s yard once in a while. I should have Jay tell you about the solar-powered flashlight he found at Cozy. ;o)