Chris Botti

Golly, I’ve been meaning to make this post since the concert swept me off my feet, but I’m finally getting around to it. Jay and I saw Chris Botti and his incredible bandmates at a sold out show at Durham’s Carolina Theatre on April 29th. We’d only recently learned of Chris Botti while watching the WUNC station fundraiser and saw part of his Boston concert. We ordered tickets right that moment. The concert in Durham was so much more than we could have expected. Just a few songs into the show, I found myself feeling like I was in a small club enjoying the improv talents of wonderful musicians within an arm’s reach. I could almost imagine the coppers busting thru the doors to raid the speakeasy feel of the joint. Even Chris Botti, who has clearly played Carolina Theatre before, felt that way, stating that every time he plays the theatre, he feels like he’s in a much smaller club. Everyone in the band is phenomenal, and I left feeling like I may never be audience to such musical talent in one place ever again. There were several guest performers including violinist Lucia Micarelli. She came on stage barefoot with a long willowy evening gown of a dress. Her hair flowing and her body helping make the sound, she appeared to be totally baring herself in the performance.