Artsplosure was this weekend in downtown Raleigh. I found a wonderful necklace made by Cary artist Wendy Pittillo-Rae, and am likely going to have her design a custom pendant. Silly Monkey had a stand, and I was thrilled to meet the two designers. La Ti Dogs in Raleigh carries their leashes and collars. I met a fellow West Virginian, Beth Crowder, who does pastels in West Union. That was pretty cool. I would love to visit her studio next time I go home, and I would love to have one of her pieces. There was a fellow from Charleston, South Carolina who did some wonderful stuff, some digitally enhanced photography as well as some hand-painted acrylic works. I got two of his pieces. He has a nice calligraphy style, and he joked that it took him a while to write like a girl. ;o) Here’s an example of his I found online.