Time flies

Lordy, I haven’t posted in so long, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m starting a new second job this weekend as a coffee barista at my neighborhood Swift Creek Coffee Shop!!!

I went home this weekend for my Daddy’s 75th birthday. I got there to find him working with my nephew Seth on a new storage building in his backyard. Storage building is the fancy way to say he’s building a fancy shed…he even installed radiant heating under the flooring.

Seth took me for a Harley ride on his new hawg. I ain’t never rode me no Harley before, and I’m telling you, you haven’t rode a motorcycle period until you’ve rode a Harley. That’s a ride!! Seth went to school to train and later worked as a Harley mechanic at The Cycle Stop in Knoxville for a bit.

My sister Cherry and I drove to Pittsburgh to help our sister Peggy get herself an iPhone. According to my niece Chelsea, every redneck needs one. ;o) Now I have me one, too. We didn’t see Peggy much after that purchase. She became iVisible, get it.

Thad was getting on his Pat Benatar look for his job as an aircraft technician (I know there’s a better term, so maybe he’ll correct me), and doggone, I didn’t take a photo of that one. He could work it though.

I was able to enjoy a steak hoagie and Italian salad at the family operated Twin Oaks, a restaurant in the same spot in my hometown for all of eternity. I have to have a hoagie at least once each visit.