Dogs don’t drink coffee!

Jules, Luna and I took a short hike at Umstead Park this morning. We all needed some nature desperately. We had hard rain last night, and the leftover rain was heavy on the canopy of leaves. I loved the sound when the breeze rustled them, like fresh little showers just for us.

We stopped on the way back so I could run into Third Place real quick and grab a coffee to go. =0) Silly Jules, doggies don’t drink coffee.

I’ve been noticing a few yards in Raleigh treated to a flock of plastic pink flamingos. I’ve read about it in other areas, but these two yards have been the only ones I’ve seen. There were dozens of pink flamingos standing in the front yard. What a fun treat. I need to snap a photo of the next one I see.

I noticed in this week’s Independent Weekly that JewelSmiths in Durham features two Boykin Spaniels in its ad. Very cool.