Happy Birthday Reason!!

I’m thinking happy thoughts and holding precious memories dear to me heart today. I’ve always loved that Reason‘s birthday was the first day of Spring. She was fresh flowers, warm breezes, gentle rains and birds signing all wrapped into one loving soul.

Jeff Corwin

Jay and I went to hear Jeff Corwin speak at Meredith College Wednesday evening. He spoke of when he first became a naturalist — as he discovered his first garter snake. Jeff said he was driven to watch and document the doings of the snake. He explained when he first became a conservationist — as he discovered the neighbor taking a shovel to that same snake. He continued to discuss how his being a conservationist was reinforced as he comforted his daughter to sleep in manner very similiar to how he years before comforted an orphaned baby elephant to sleep, and he at that moment realized how much of the natural world is being destroyed and won’t be here for his daughter to discover. With his eloquent and humorous stories, he motivated all to recogize and react to the crisis we have created.