Flow and Franzia at Bliss Body Yoga

Bliss Body Yoga
Michelle and I

A friend invited me to join her for a fun yoga class at a lovely little yoga studio off Lake Boone Trail.  It was my first time at Bliss Body Yoga, and my first yoga class in quite some time.  The class was presented as Flow and Franzia.  The Franzia is just there for the alliteration.  We actually had bottled wine.  (Nothing against boxed wine.)

There were eight of us, and our instructor was Jordyn Matthews.  Jordyn focused on balancing poses, so we actually tried to hold off on too much wine until after class.  Though I’ve only had a couple flow classes ever, downward dog seems a part of any flow class. So it was lots of downward dog, surrounded by lots of plank, several warrior poses, some eagle, some pigeon, several new-to-me poses whose names I can’t recall and one over-backwards pose I didn’t attempt.  While challenging, all the poses felt good.  Jordyn focused on the community in the studio; the sharing of energy among us.

Yoga class
Flow and Franzia class

To that end, she had us place our mats in a circle.  Several times, she had us come out of eagle pose by touching hands and connecting the circle, supporting one another.  It was a good class. I am grateful to Michelle for the invite.  After class, neighboring restaurant The Oak brought over a couple of lovely bites for us.  We filled our glasses with wine, took our bites and sat on our yoga mats.  Continuing the sense of community Jordyn fostered, we sat, ate, sipped wine and shared stories.  Most of the yoga classes I’ve taken over the years have been the traditional quiet in and quiet out with but gentle nods shared among each other.  It was lovely to be able to sit a spell and know for a moment the neighbor on the yoga mat next to mine.

Bull City Nihilism

When I was looking for used albums today at Bull City Records, I picked up a new one. Dick Diver was playing and seemed to have a little Lou Reed vibe with his voice and some of the guitar. The dude at Bull City said they were a band out of Australia. This is their third album, but the first one available in the states.

My visit to peruse some vinyl was an effort to connect with myself. We have to keep nurturing our souls with the things we love, like music on vinyl, because when we don’t everything starts to feel blah and empty and then my God we become nihilists or at the least face anhedonia. Then we forget who we are.  Where have I been?

And writing. Which is why I’m finally back to my blog. And walking my dog. And oh my, I’m gonna flip over the album and then make me a tomato and onion sandwich and a glass of fresh lemonade. Or maybe I’ll ease into all that purpose and pleasure.

Bull City Records

Pho Pho Pho

My second time at Pho Pho Pho on Glenwood in downtown Raleigh. I recall how healing the Pho Chay Soup felt last time. I need a dose of pick me up and set me right. I’m hoping for the same result this time. The sauces are great, but I get so excited that I make the broth super hot before I realize it.

That’s the healing part though, right!

Rainy Sunday

Little Luna enjoyed some errands and a trip to Phydeaux earlier, but now we’re just chilling inside on this rainy Sunday. This is a favorite spot for her to while away the time. She has a perfect view to watch Lulu and Tucker kitties chasing each other around the living room.

Reason Reliquary

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted a photo of the beautiful reliquary I designed after Reason passed away several years ago with local artist Wendy Pitillo-Rae.  It represents how Reason was the stars, the sun and the moon to me — my whole world. The stone is an aquamarine, her birth stone. She was born on the first day of Spring. Some of her hair is under the glass.  It was a wonderful experience creating it, and I cherish it.


1. When the temperture of the breeze is so perfect it feels like soft silk brushing your skin.

2. The way Jules wiggles her sniffer when she investigates new smells.

3. The way Reason loved to jump the fallen trees at Umstead! =O)


1. Kitty cat alarm clock, whiskers and all.

2. Spotting a patch of wild morning glories in all their bloom tucked along the roadside on the morning drive to work.

3. Rubbing two doggie bellies at once.