Bull City Nihilism

When I was looking for used albums today at Bull City Records, I picked up a new one. Dick Diver was playing and seemed to have a little Lou Reed vibe with his voice and some of the guitar. The dude at Bull City said they were a band out of Australia. This is their third album, but the first one available in the states.

My visit to peruse some vinyl was an effort to connect with myself. We have to keep nurturing our souls with the things we love, like music on vinyl, because when we don’t everything starts to feel blah and empty and then my God we become nihilists or at the least face anhedonia. Then we forget who we are.  Where have I been?

And writing. Which is why I’m finally back to my blog. And walking my dog. And oh my, I’m gonna flip over the album and then make me a tomato and onion sandwich and a glass of fresh lemonade. Or maybe I’ll ease into all that purpose and pleasure.

Bull City Records

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