Ink is forever!

I’ve been wanting to have my dog Reason’s name tattooed on my wrist for maybe a year now. She passed away 11.24.2006. Today, I did it. I wanted something permanent with me always that somehow keeps her a part of me forever. Her name says everything about what she meant to me. She was my Reason.

I waited to get “inked” until I knew it wasn’t grief driving my desire to get the tattoo. It was surprisingly quick and not too painful. I chose the typeface on the computer and the design was printed out that the tattoo artist, Ernie, then applied to my skin. I didn’t look at first — it was stinging a good bit. Finally, I decided to take a peak. Once I started watching, it actually quit stinging. I wish I’d noticed how long it took, because it was mere minutes. Let me give Ernie at Warlock’s in Raleigh, a thank you.

I haven’t told anyone, or shown anyone. I not going to, but instead wait for in-person explanations. I apologize if you’re reading this blog before I get a chance to see you. ;o)

Tomorrow, I’m having breakfast with my friend Pat, and then we’re going on the Raleigh Little Theatre garden tour. Jay and I went on the two years ago in the rain, and it was BIG fun.