Cooking with friends

What fun! Last weekend, I went with my friends Nina and Wendy to The Little Herb Garden in Raleigh. It’s actually closer to Garner, but the address is Raleigh. We took a wonderful cooking class with local caterer Pamela Clark who runs The Thyme Savor. My favorite was the starter dish — Mojito Fruit…blueberries, honeydew melon, lime zest and juice, basil leaves, and of course sugar. Make a simple syrup with all but the fruit, mix with the fruit and then chill. Serve with cubed poundcake, add some fresh cream. Yum.

And the garden was wonderful. Owner Lisa Treadway and her herb garden, which seems more like a herb farm, are likely going to be featured in Better Homes & Garden issue next Spring! Her garden is divided into themes — medicinal garden, kitchen garden, and such. She is using wonderfully creative art to enhance the theme of each. If you peak at the photos, check out the kitchen garden…you’ll know which one it is. The “flower bed” was fun, too. Lisa features fresh herbs and plants, as well as dried herbs and spices, workshops (like the cooking class), luncheons and teas.