It’s beautiful!

Saturday night, and the Indiana Jones triology is on. Raiders remains one of my favorite movies. I remember the sense of exhilaration I felt watching it that first time. Indie!!!!

Dogs are all laying quietly about, with the exception of Luna, who’s chewing a bone.

Pat and I enjoyed the garden tour today. Two of the gardens were like having an arboretum and a national park in your back yard. I’m going to see if I can load photos from the tour onto this blog. Check out the slideshow. I’m wanting to replace the wooden railing on my front porch with metal railing, and I saw a couple of nice examples. The best garden was on a property where the owner insightfully had the home built into the environment, saving the trees and natural outcroppings. The backyard drops 55 feet to Crabtree Creek. There was actually a moss garden, really lots of moss everywhere with stone walks throughout. Hundreds of mountain laurels remain untouched in nature. Since little was disturbed to build the home, the natural canopy allows the ecoclimate to continue just like the natural hillside it’s always been. Other than the stone walks and a wooden landing to enjoy the view, a winding, rock-filled water feature, more like a mountain brook, seemed to be the only man-made or man-introduced aspect of the garden. A wonderful quote was posted at the outlook above Crabtree Creek.

“yes, i get tired doing nothing…but a man can’t quit just because he gets tired.”

It’s the perfect garden for doing nothing. Pat joked that if she lived there, no one would ever see her again. ;o) I couldn’t blame her — I wouldn’t want to leave that paradise either.

Pat introduced me to a wonderful Mexican restaurant, Poncho Villa, on Chatham Street going into Cary. I’m going to try the gorditas next time.

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