I am totally thrilled for Dos Taquitos’ little sister to open in The Creamery building where I work. Glenwood South needs a couple more fun spots that aren’t merely for weekend drinking binges. Not that their margaritas aren’t just about the best, but the food is great, too. Can’t wait.

Itty Bitty

Itty Bitties are always such happy cupcakes. I see them at Helios on my morning coffee stop. There they sit, all prim and proper under their glass dome of protection, smiling up at me. And they are so friendly.

“Have a great day!”

“You’re a wonderful person.”

“Life is good.”

They were delicious before I even tasted one. But today was the day. I joyously asked barista Hide for one of the chocolate Itty Bitties with vanilla buttercream icing. He removed the lid with gentle precision and invited me to make my selection. I chose the happiest little Itty Bitty on the plate. A daisy dotted the very center.

I saved it for after lunch of course. You can’t have too much fun too early in the day. Every bite was delight, and a wonderful relationship developed. I love you Itty Bitty! =O)

Artful Saturday

I took my first trip to the new Nasher Museum in Durham. Picasso and the Allure of Language was on exhibit as well as Big Shots: Andy Warhol’s Polaroids. No photography was allowed for the Picasso, but I was able to snap some shots ironically of the Warhol photos and the film that was showing.

As I understand the museum has three films that are being rotated. We were only able to sit in for a short portion of the film, not long enough to even guess… The black and white to the right is the film. Below to the left is a Warhol of one of the museum’s namesake family members. Mrs. Nash met Warhol and commissioned him to paint her and each of her daughters. The polaroid from which the painting was made is displayed alongside.

The museum isn’t quite as much as I had thought it would be, but lovely enough still. I, of course, snagged me the required fridge magnet as part of my Pauper Collection. I think I have one from all my museum visits, with the exception of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. That was long before my magnet collecting days.

How scribbles in sketches and shapes in paintings can translate into images that our brain recognizes amazed me with several of the Picasso works. Forgive me for my simplistic stating of what was so awe inspiring. Some of my favorites were the Illustrations for Lysisrata. From what I read, I think this is referred to as his “classicism.” I’d need to be a much, much more learned art appreciator to comment further. Golly, I could be way off with all my comments. If so, accept my humble apology.

But what fun those two hours were just imagining. That’s part of the purpose in art, isn’t it, even for the non-erudite.

Fun art!

Check out the fun new art I picked up at The Handmade Market in Raleigh a couple weekends ago. It’s by Jaime Zollars, and it’s called A Blue Homecomming. Her website is being “reimagined,” I love that. You can view more of her work at the Nucleus Gallery website. And let me say OMG, I got the piece for $25 and picked up a frame and mat from Michael’s for less than $25. I think I got a steal!! Thank you Handmade Market. Golly, though, now I want more of her work. My friend Sharon picked up a great piece, too, called The Ninja Snow. The story behind the piece Sharon purchased was Japanese folklore about Tengu. Sharon and I walked away knowing we’d picked up a couple of real finds, and we certainly did.

Raleigh Wide Open

We went downtown to have dinner at Gravy and happened upon the final hours of this year’s Raleigh Wide Open celebration. What a fun night!! We had drinks at the bar while waiting for our table. Downtown was hopping with the festivities. I’m usually a beer drinker, but wanted a fun drink. The bartender invited me to pick a color, and my only requirement was no gin. Ugh, gin. I chose yellow. He tilted his head back in thought, and said, “I know.” And he did. It was exactly what I was wanting. He made me a key lime pie martini with vanilla vodka and pineapple juice and edged the glass with red sugar. No half and half though, and it was nice and light. I’m not sure if it was lime juice or a lime liqueur, I forgot to ask. Pinot grigio with a pork cannoloni. Then a lovely flourless chocolate cake. What a nice dinner down in their wine cellar.

Then we walked out onto Fayetteville Street to enjoy the live music. Most of the vendors had closed up but there were still plenty of folks relaxing the evening away. I picked up a hula hoop for a friend to give to her daughter from Santa. Handwrapped hoops from Hoops in Motion. Lois was there explaining how she makes the hoops from PVC pipe and then wraps each one. Her blog is dedicated to the art of hula. =O)

It’s such fun to see Raleigh growing in so many ways.

Dogs don’t drink coffee!

Jules, Luna and I took a short hike at Umstead Park this morning. We all needed some nature desperately. We had hard rain last night, and the leftover rain was heavy on the canopy of leaves. I loved the sound when the breeze rustled them, like fresh little showers just for us.

We stopped on the way back so I could run into Third Place real quick and grab a coffee to go. =0) Silly Jules, doggies don’t drink coffee.

I’ve been noticing a few yards in Raleigh treated to a flock of plastic pink flamingos. I’ve read about it in other areas, but these two yards have been the only ones I’ve seen. There were dozens of pink flamingos standing in the front yard. What a fun treat. I need to snap a photo of the next one I see.

I noticed in this week’s Independent Weekly that JewelSmiths in Durham features two Boykin Spaniels in its ad. Very cool.

Brownsburg Garden Tour

Linda, Kayla and I enjoyed enjoyed the Brownsburg Garden Tour today. Despite torrential rains here yesterday, six homeowners readied and opened their gardens today to help raise funds for The Tia Foundation. The Tia Foundation is a not-for-profit association founded by Monica Scott of Brownsburg, Indiana in memory of her dog Tia, as I was told. The foundation was developed to aid and rescue neglected, mistreated and abandoned animals — to restore their faith in mankind and ease the animals’ transition into healthy and happy lives with loving and caring families.

I now know how much prettier Indian Summer is compared to simple Black-Eyed Suzies. Do cottonwood trees grow in North Carolina? This four-year young garden has a wonderful cottonwood that created an audio aspect that for me is the pinnacle feature of any garden. The rustle of this tree’s leaves is perfect. The homeowner said she can even hear the leaves whispering all the way from her bedroom. What a gentle lullaby.