Itty Bitty

Itty Bitties are always such happy cupcakes. I see them at Helios on my morning coffee stop. There they sit, all prim and proper under their glass dome of protection, smiling up at me. And they are so friendly.

“Have a great day!”

“You’re a wonderful person.”

“Life is good.”

They were delicious before I even tasted one. But today was the day. I joyously asked barista Hide for one of the chocolate Itty Bitties with vanilla buttercream icing. He removed the lid with gentle precision and invited me to make my selection. I chose the happiest little Itty Bitty on the plate. A daisy dotted the very center.

I saved it for after lunch of course. You can’t have too much fun too early in the day. Every bite was delight, and a wonderful relationship developed. I love you Itty Bitty! =O)

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