Bitterman and Pistil at The Pinhook

With fireworks from the ballpark illuminating the window behind him, Miguel Riley and his cohorts brought Bitterman to the masses at The Pinhook in Durham Thursday night. Performing as a tribute band to The Potato Gun Shooters, Bitterman amazingly out-performed the original group. Their sound and energy was totally more focused. While I was ready for another 45 minutes of Bitterman, their 40-ish youthfulness offered an incredible opening act for two chic indie punk bands.

My 40+ youth allowed me stay long enough to catch the first of these two bands — Pistil. Once they were onstage, I realized Meagan and Anne had been leading the out-front crowd grooving to Bitterman. I really had fun listening to their music, and they drew a nice crowd of obvious fans.
The Pinhook was a fun place. Located in downtown Durham, the back of the long bar was set off with a black stage curtain creating two separates spaces to watch the bands in the back or chill in the front. Or course, most were all in the back grooving with the bands. I didn’t get a chance to search for Galaga, but I understand The Pinhook has many vintage arcade games.

Fun night!!

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