John Oliver in Raleigh

What a find this show was!! John Oliver right here in Raleigh. Thank the heavens for the Independent Weekly’s list of fun stuff to do. It was my charge to find the weekend fun for myself and some friends, and I scored BIG. Mark and Kathy, Sasha and Mike, and Jay and I all had a delightfully splendid evening of rip -roaring comedy at NCSU’s Stewart Theatre. The event was put on by Charlie Goodnight’s.

I guess it’s obvious why he has his gig at The Daily Show. He creates a web of politics and comedy from which even he can’t escape. Now that he’s been living in the States and paying taxes, he gets the whole Boston Tea Party idea. Why couldn’t he vote for Obama?! Hysterical when he tells it. And when he explains how Australia is the only country with 100 percent voter participation, he had himself rolling on the floor. Watch out for those drunk conservatives! I hope he survived Nashville.

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