Good walks

I’m so grateful to the folks at Gourmutts and Wag for telling me about the Easy Walk dog harness. My walks are back. Reason and I enjoyed daily walks for years and years. Once Jules and Luna came into my life, at 60 pounds and 40 pounds, it was impossible for me to walk them together. I did fine taking each one separately, but really wanted to be able to go with both of them. Now, I can. Free, free…it’s wonderful…like I’m alive again. Really, that’s how excited I feel about being able to walk and hike again.

My walks are when my mind breathes. My thoughts don’t really clear, but they slow down. I can focus on one thought at a time. It is this sense of peace that coraling two dogs from different directions didn’t allow.

Clearing the clutter from life figuratively and literally makes room in my mind as well. The leaning piles of paper and towering stacks of things that need sorted and addressed are like the thoughts and worries that lurke just waiting for that moment when you already feel overwhelmed to lurch out at you demanding to be heard.

I’ve read just enough about Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project to be thinking of my own happiness quotient and agenda…if you can have a happiness agenda. One of my first objectives for me agenda is to see the happiness in the small moments, the treasures tucked inside a glimpse. Returning to the office after lunch, I saw a fella walking his two dogs. Only, the little beagle in front was walking himself, with the end of his leash held gently in his mouth. He was taking good care to hold the leash snuggly, and he paused to be sure his person and canine comrade were properly following his lead. He was delighted. And delightful.

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