My cutie pie, smartie pants nephew Thad and his longtime friend Joey were here for a blow-thru visit this week on their way back to WV from the coast. They had been visiting some of Joey’s family there. Joey is in the air force. Golly, they’ve been friends since…maybe all the way thru grade school. Wow.

Thad got to show Joey some of his favorites from when he briefly lived here in Raleigh, before being swept off to a really good job in our hometown. Mellow Mushroom of course for the great pizza AND the view. (Thad didn’t get her name…) Then they ate again at Sushi Blues, did some Glenwood South, and ended up at the Blue Martini. That area of downtown is a slam dunk for fun any night of the week. The above photo was taken at Whole Foods on Wade Avenue for the heading-out-town lunch. Whole Foods is favorite for all of my family when they visit. It still holds so much of the Wellspring charm.

I sure miss Thad, but his visits are always a treat!!

P. S. I think the mayo is spoiled. =O)

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